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Марафон 2018 официальный сайт

Team result will be measured with Chronotrack timing system, judges at the finish and the video registration system. Medical certificate Medical certificate must proof that the participant has no contra-indication to race in competition. Preliminary results will be available on www. Special prices for participants valid for September are available if they use promo code MOSMAR on the website of the hotel azimuthotels.

Event details

Prep funny costumes and get ready for the running party of a lifetime! Among them is the Absolute Moscow Marathon. Take part in the largest running event of Russia — run the marathon in the heart of Moscow. Time will be measured at start, 5 km, 10 km, 15 km,

1. Time will be measured at start, 5 km, 10 km, 15 km,

2. Pacemakers will pace groups of runners according to the following finish times:

3. A copy is acceptable upon presentation of the original certificate.

Cross country race with 2 km loop on a meadow in the Bitsevsky forest. Please do not hesitate to contact any medical personnel if you are having difficulties — we appreciate you doing so. The finish line for all races is the same, it will be open until

Kids Run will be held on 21 September from More Information. Do not bend, crumple or fold it, do not keep the race number next to any magnets — it may damage the chip resulting in the loss of your personal result. Please follow directions from race officials and volunteers at all times for a safe and orderly start to the race. Starts order:

To find this information, you will need to enter your start number. Kids run supported by Bitey healthy snacks. In order to get points, an athlete has to finish faster than the "platinum time".

The captain are required to show:

For Participants

Awarding Men and women who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive awards. A copy is acceptable upon presentation of the original certificate. The largest half marathon in the center of St. To enter the territory of the Russian Federation, citizens of most states are required to get a visa. April Run 5 км.

Please mind your fellow runners when you change lanes, spit, or approach a refreshment stand. Absolute Moscow Marathon offers a unique opportunity to run

Drinks station Drinks station is located approximately at 5. Race numbers will be distributed at the Moscow Marathon Expo on 20 September from

Applications from the teams should be sent to the email relay runc.

Всероссийская викторина «Мир вокруг нас. Лесные обитатели»

Thanks for understanding. Location is subject to change. If you have questions about volunteering, email us at volunteer runc. Runners are allowed only with the race number.

Locations are subject to change. Last Name. They are located approximately at 6 km, 13 km, 18 km, 28 km, Kids Run will be held on 21 September from